Valvegate, Valvegate PRO

Efficient surgery. Less invasive. Optimum results.

Achieve smaller approaches. Handle greater challenges. Minimally invasive approaches, performed through small incisions, are becoming state-of-the-art in an effort by healthcare professionals to provide each patient with the best possible treatment. The most common types of minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS) are valve surgeries, including repairs and replacements, and even more challenging, coronary artery bypass. Such smaller incisions without a full sternotomy are expected to leave smaller scars with less trauma and bleeding.

  • Ultra-lightweight and perfect balance
  • Completely made from surgical stainless steel - without any plastic or aluminium components
  • Full injection straight-flush cleaning concept
  • Adjustable jaw and handle opening according users preference for less fatigue and time savings
  • Scissors designed to cut even through hardest calcified tissues
  • Needle Holders firmly grasp and drive even the largest needles
  • Precise anastomosis suturing by finger turning and not by wrist bending
  • New high precision ratchet
  • Soft touch handles with elastic springs
  • Ergonomic FAIRGRIP™ handles with large dimples
  • Solid construction and optimized surfaces for maximum durability, wear and corrosion resistance
  • Color coded handles (Gold= Needle Holders, Black= Scissors, Silver= Graspers, all others).