Sterilization Container / Sterilcontainer

Sterilization Containers / Sterilization Container for sterilize, store and transport without contamination with our improved aseptic container systems

Sterilization Container / Sterilcontainer

Sterilization Containers / Sterilization Container: Additionally to the stack buttons for easy storage and secure stacking and the silicone seal all around the lid, we now have equipped this system with permanent PTFE filters. The solid filter holder ensures for firm and germ-sealed positioning of the provided permanent PTFE filters for up to 1200 cycles. The special safety lock of the filter holder allows the longtime filters to be changed quickly and easily, if required. Well-dimensioned perforated areas in the base and in the lid of the supply containers provide optimum drying conditions for the aseptic materials. Also available are containers that are only perforated in lid and not in the base as well as non-perforated return containers.

All containers come with a scratch- and wear-resistant stainless steel lid and a lightweight anodized aluminium base combining low-wear and easy care with minimum weight. Aluminium also provides for higher heat capacity for better drying. The carrying handles are heat insulated. Closure of lid is easy and can even be done with a single hand. Aseptic safety seals can be applied if desired. Interchangeable identification and sterilization tags help to identify the case and distinguish its contents.

Insert trays are available made of stainless steel wire-mesh (stackable) or of perforated stainless steel. Optional silicone mats are available to be placed in container base or trays for maximum protection of your valuable instruments. The lids of our standard sterile container system, usually delivered with scratch-resistant stainless steel lid, are now optionally also available in color-coded alumnium, in the colors red, blue, green and yellow, in order to faciliate managing the sets in the hospitals and reduce the weight further

  • Sterilization Container
  • Sterilization Containers
  • Sterilcontainer
  • Store without contamination
  • Transport without contamination

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