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K-Rex™ Rongeur

A truly great bone punch

K-Rex™ Rongeur

K-Rex™ Kerrison Punch by GEISTER®, a surgical instrument for spinal and neurosurgical procedures.

Fairgrip™ultra Handle Design

The Fairgrip™ultra ergonomic instrument handles with a new dimple knurling similar to the design of golfballs offer a completely new experience of precision, sensitivity and control during operations and help to reduce fatigue.

Fairgrip™ handle with advanced golfball-like dimple knurling, offering unprecedented precision and control in surgeries and significantly reducing hand fatigue.

Convertible Style

By pushing the front handle forward the Kerrison punch is just ready for cleaning and lubrication - smart decoupling without losing any parts.

Convertible Kerrison punch design allows easy cleaning and lubrication by pushing the front handle forward, featuring smart decoupling without part loss.

K-Rex Kerrison – Strong together

The K-Rex Kerrison punch components are strongly fixed together. Portfolio-wise it comes with a standard or thin footplate.

Two types of Kerrison punches: one with a standard footplate and the other with a thin footplate, demonstrating the variation in design for surgical precision.

Benefits at a glance

A pleasure to Touch

Enjoyable, safe, and comfortable handling due to a well-engineered ergonomic Fairgrip™ultra design. Pleasant to touch - safe handling - one size fits all.

A pleasure to Maintain

Easy and fast decoupling without losing parts.

A pleasure to Bite

Powerful bite as result of precisely matched components which are remarkably innovative and precisely manufactured.

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K-Rex™ by GEISTER® – a Kerrison punch designed for precise bone and tissue removal.