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Cable Winch Retractor

Exclusively available from GEISTER®

Cable Winch Retractor

Infinitely variable retraction with the cable winch retractor

For precise, individual applications in the peritoneal cavity. Unique throughout the world, the cable winch technology used in the system allows surgeons to adjust retraction as desired with no preset positions when working in the peritoneal cavity. Thanks to flexible positioning for the insulated cables on the overhead bar, surgeons using the cable winch retractor can adapt the system to the situation at hand, adjusting the direction of traction and the position of the blades with exceptional precision. The retractor system is easy to mount on the upper section of the operating table, providing an optimum view of the operating site – even in difficult cases – and giving the surgeon the best possible visibility and range of motion.

Benefits at a glance

Optimized access

The lift to the thorax provides excellent view into the operation field. The set up of the retractor is self-explanatory and provides an access for precise surgery. Less assistance during surgery is needed.

Simple handling

Easy processing and simple set-up. Infinetely variable retraction. Traction can be applied from an extreme lateral position.

Compact system

Only essential components to perform liver transplantation surgery, for instance. High durability of the system. Further blades and frames available.

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